Why A Steel Plate?

Why A Steel Plate?
Sometimes people ask us about why we picked this name for our brand.

 After all, a brand name is important. Everyone knows that. Whether you are doing e-commerce or bricks and mortar retail, your brand name says a lot about you, and what you decide to do in the business world.

 In our case, it also has to do with how we see our customers and our mission in the marketplace, which is to support those suffering from cancer. We are advocates for these brave souls and their families, in a world where we strive to find ways to support people through the challenges of treatment and hopeful remission. 

 Strong Survivors

 For one thing, a steel plate represents the resolve and steadfast qualities that it takes to survive a debilitating disease.

 This is our mission and our purpose, as mentioned on the website, and so the metaphor of a steel plate sort of makes sense from that perspective.

 Our Customers

 The steel plate also refers to the capabilities of our customers who are using athletic wear to get their bodies and their minds in better shape.

 That might be running alongside a road, or lifting free weights. It might mean working out precisely with specialty machines in a gym. It might mean using inclines or other challenges to give the body aerobic exercise.

 Whichever one of these applies, it also means that someone is putting deliberate energy into staying fit and healthy.

 As a side note, you can also see in our catalog some of the major ways that people wear our products – what types of environments they may be in, what sorts of activities they may like to do, etc. We think that’s a neat way to introduce context, for what it’s worth. 

 Our Products

 The steel plate can also extend to the idea of our product durability, too.

 As we model these types of athletic wear and products for the site, we see how they stand up to use and facilitate all of these activities that you choose to do in your workouts.

 Browse our men's and women's collections, and ask us any questions about our products and how we deliver to you. We’re proud to be among the top drop shippers offering this kind of specialized merchandise to a large and diverse customer base. In today’s world, it’s great when a company embraces that sort of notion, that we can support people through the hard times, using business principles, and make people’s lives brighter that way. 




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