Tips to Identify High-Quality Leggings

Tips to Identify High-Quality Leggings

It’s time to throw out the denim and hop on the latest trend in women’s fashion – leggings. The fact is, they are here to stay, with reports showing women now order more leggings online than they do jeans. Also, leggings are now considered a wardrobe staple for everyday wear and activewear. 

However, with so many brands jumping on this bandwagon, all the options can become overwhelming. It’s important to find a quality pair that will last. Keep reading to learn about what you should look for when purchasing leggings. 

Scout Out Words Used to Describe Higher Quality Fabrics

When selecting the best legging fabric, keep the acronym SCAR in mind:

  • S: Stretch
  • C: Compression
  • A: Airy
  • R: Retention

Look for these keywords in the details of the product and the technical description. 

Some of the words you may see (or want to look for) include lightweight compression, four-way stretch, sweat-wicking, shape retention, and ventilation. 

Ensure Full Coverage with the “Bend Over” Test

Have you have seen yourself or someone else in see-through leggings? Unfortunately, this is a common problem and one most people want to avoid. Full coverage is essential for quality leggings and relates to fabric quality. 

It is a good idea to try the “bend over test.” For this, bend over in front of a mirror to see if the leggings are see-through or if they provide full coverage. The last thing you want to worry about is showing all your assets in your next yoga class. 

A surefire sign of a quality legging is a “crotch panel,” which is sewn into the garment to increase the strength and ensure the coverage is not compromised when you bend or stretch. 

Look for Functional Details

When you start working out or head to the store, you want to ensure your leggings can accommodate your needs. Some of the top details to look for when buying leggings include:

  • Interior, concealed waistband for gym membership card, lip balm, or keys
  • Several pocket options
  • Machine washable 
  • High wasted
  • Wide waistband

Choose Leggings with Size Customization

Everyone wants leggings that fit them perfectly; however, everyone’s body shape is unique. Because of this, it is a good idea to find leggings with options to customize them and adjust the size to create a better fit. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to leggings, so finding leggings with size adjustment options is beneficial. 

Consider the Price Point

Some leggings are just too expensive. When you are ready to purchase leggings, remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. If you spend too much, you aren’t getting anything better than a more reasonably priced pair of leggings. 

When it comes to choosing leggings, be sure to use the tips and information found here. This will help you get a quality pair of leggings that will last for the activities you want to participate in. You will also look and feel great while wearing them.

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