Three Potential Problems With Leggings

Three Potential Problems With Leggings

Let's talk about leggings…

These types of female athletic products are all the rage, and popular with so many of us who want to tone our bodies and fine-tune our fitness regimens with daily or weekly routines that require some exertion and range of motion.

First of all, that's where tight-fitting leggings come into play. It's just not easy to do these strenuous activities wearing jeans or slacks. You want something that will conform to your body and be unobtrusive as you work out.

See if you've ever encountered these problems with leggings, and you'll see that our products are designed to help you get the result that you want, without the following types of challenges…

Leggings That Ride Down

Have you ever had your leggings ride down on your body as you squat or lunge?

That can be really annoying and it can mess up some of your reps – and that’s putting it mildly. Our leggings are high waisted and high compression, so that they are effectively what we call ‘squat proof’ – they’ll stay up high when they need to, as you work out through an extended range of motion and get your fitness groove on. That’s part of what our customers love about these products, and why they bookmark us for repeat orders. 

Lint Collection

Yes, you can use a lint roller to dust yourself off every time you wear legging products, but part of the problem with lint involves the material and build of the garments themselves. The lint collects on the leggings partly because of the mixture of materials and the design. So having “anti-lint” models helps. 


If you've ever tried to work out in heavier sweats or something made of absorbent material, you know that it can be really uncomfortable, if excessive moisture shows up from any origin, making your athletic wear feel heavy and waterlogged.

With a combination of nylon and spandex, these leggings are moisture resistant for a dry feel.

That's a little bit about these popular products that make up so much of our ecommerce catalog. We talk about “confidence leggings'  in the sense that you’ll be confident in wearing these to work out, partially for the above reasons. Ask us any questions about our leggings, or about our pledge to fight cancer, and the commitment that we provide through our business. We are serious about equipping you with the right fitness wear!

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