Integrity in E-commerce

Integrity in E-commerce

When we thought about opening this e-commerce store, we thought about it long and hard. It's exciting, but it's also a big project.

As we mentioned elsewhere on the website, fighting cancer is a big part of our business philosophy. That's why we’re dedicating 50% of all sales to that particular cause!

We think that makes this a unique e-commerce shop for athletic and recreational clothing and gear.

But we've also promoted integrity in this business in other ways.

Shipping and Returns

First of all, we made shipping free for all deliveries. Why?

Because too often, it seems like online merchants are just trying to nickel and dime you with their prices. You pay a certain sticker price or retail price, and then you have your cost of shipping, which can be quite a bit more. Sometimes it's not that transparent and you end up wondering, when you hit the buy button, why the price is so much higher…it just doesn’t feel right. 

We wanted to skip all that and give people transparency for what they buy. So you know that the price that you pay includes free shipping.


Here's another thing that's annoying about so many e-commerce merchants. They just don't accept returns at all, or they don't have a good user-friendly return policy.

We have specific return policies set up for items that don't fit, items that are damaged in the mail, or other types of returns.

Read about it in detail on our shipping and returns pages.

When you browse our catalog you can see that we’re dedicated to offering great products and promoting excellent clothing for our customers. You can also see the professionalism of our people and more about how we work to bring you the best product every day.

It's been a joy to work with our customers to help beat cancer and assist people in getting high-quality apparel. Check out our men's and women's collections and the bright, bold, beautiful styles of our products, and we hope you'll be as excited as we are. You can also directly email us for any questions or concerns, because that's part of how we do business. There are humans behind this e-commerce shop, and we are ready to serve you. That human touch is important in busy today – nearly everyone would agree on that. We want to bring this to our little corner of the world. 

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